Go West: Mexico’s Intangible Heritage

mexican woman making corn or maize tortilla

I know we said this blog is oriented towards ingredients and cooking concepts rather than geographical locations. It is.

But, as home to the chilli,  tomato, corn, chocolate, vanilla, avocado, peanuts and other foodie-delights, and a cuisine that’s been designated UNESCO Intangible World Heritage, Mexico is is a place we’ll want to visit again and again.

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Kimchi, Sauerkraut & Savoury Probiotics: The Sky’s The Limit

vegetable stalk for making kimchi

Having tried sauerkraut, traditional Napa cabbage kimchi, the fresher cucumber kimchi, and unfermented Korean lettuce kimchi (sangchu-geotjeori) we should now be able to give the same treatment to practically any vegetable.

Here are a few of the kimchis and other fermented pickles that have adorned our table at Spanish Yoga Retreatwhite pear kimchi

White Korean Pear Kimchi

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Tapas 7: Croquettes, Then And Now

Spanish béchamel-based croquettes

The origin of the croquette is réchauffé (re-heated) food: left overs were given body with mashed root vegetables, pulses, béchamel and other sauces, then breaded and fried or baked till golden crisp.

Depending on the occasion you might opt for unpretentious simplicity or an intense flavour sensation to knock your guests off their chairs in a gustatory rapture . The croquette gives you a lot of creative elbow room.

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These are naturally occurring substances in many foodstuffs which are deemed to cause harmful effects such as interfering with our body’s ability to digest and absorb food or cause inflammation and other immune system disturbances.

One such “antinutrient” is phytic acid

Present in virtually all pulses, grains, nuts and seeds, phytic acid is concentrated in the germ and also the outer husk. Thus, unprocessed whole grains contain greater amounts. Continue reading “Antinutrients”

Fermented Foods v Anti-Nutrients: Intro

There are some truly wonderous lettuce dishes and we’ll com back to it later

Look out for Thai lettuce parcels with a “thousand” condiments. I first tried this at our friends Chris and Wendy ‘s apartment in downtown Bangkok. (Wendy’s Thai – she more than once told me her given Thai name but it just didn’t stick). No amount of cooking school activity compares with watching real people cook and serve real food!

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Hello from Manuel & Brandon

Here at Spanish-Yoga-Retreat we love to feed our hungry yogis with delicious veggie food.

We were asked to share our recipes so often it just made sense to start a blog.

A Word About the Blog

Recipes are restrictive.  And you’ll always be cooking someone else’s dishes.

We want to show you the anatomy and philosophies of veggie dishes from all over.

Once you understand a dish  you can add your own twist or take an unexpected turn to invent something totally different.

World Cuisine

We’ve got a passion for travel and our dishes are inspired by having tasted authentic dishes from many countries.

We love to get inside  friends, family and clients’ kitchens abroad and at home, taste their food and get intimate with the culture and history of their way of cooking.


We’ll give you approximate quantities where proportions are essential. This is especially the case with baking.

Otherwise:  a pinch here,  a dash, there,  a load or a bit may be our best advice.  Experiment, experiment, experiment …