Potato & Onion Pakora – With Cumin, Fennel And Black Salt

onion and potato Indian pakora

Typical Christmas eve in Spain: meet frineds for drinks around eight, home for family dinner at ten, out again by two (am), breakfast in the town square, bed, then . . . that was last year.

This year we’re experiencing reduced staying-power and early nights, the effects of not drinking since before Easter. Even so, I set the alarm to be up in time to prepare Christmas brunch – just in case.

  • air-fried onion and purple potato pakora
  • sweet tomato and black mustard relish
  • salted cucumber with dehydrated fermented persamons
  • south Indian sambhar
  • two poached eggs on buttered rye sourdough toast
  • with alcohol-free lager
  • and chocloate brownies. It is Christmas

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Fava Hummus With Harissa

fava beans soaking in water

We’ve been enjoying a heatwave in London gettting on for nearly a month and with no apparent sign of it abating. In a matter of days Londoners are enjoying a good sunbathe over parched straw where soft green grass once was. When northern Europeans come to us in Spain in the dry, scorching summer they sometimes find it hard to believe that we could have green grass and flowers. “Come in autum, winter or spring”, we say “but the price of green could be a touch of rain” – I wish!

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“Olla De Frijoles Negros”: Mexican Black Beans

Mexican Black Beans

Beans have been a staple of Mexican and pre-hispanic American societies since antiquity. Eaten with maize they provide complete protein as well as plentiful amounts of folate, vitamin B1, iron and magnesium.

Mexican beans are often eaten re-fried, that delicious réchauffé of days-old bean paste, sautéed with garlic, chilli, cumin and other herbs and spices, ever tastier for each day they survive. Continue reading ““Olla De Frijoles Negros”: Mexican Black Beans”

Bindaetteok – Korean Mung Bean Fritters

These mung bean fritters are a Korean street-food staple. Crispy on the outside the tender, moist centre is punctuated with crunchy sprouted mung, onion and other vegetables and kimchi, a pro-biotic super-food made from fermented Chinese Napa cabbage, pungent with ginger, garlic and red chilli

Traditional Kimchi contains sea-food products. You can find vegan approximations in some health-food shops, or follow our recipe for home-made vegan “kimchi . You can also try our kimchi-free version. It’s not probiotic, but bursting with flavour.

Korean mung bean fritters
Korean mung bean fritters

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Another cliche image of the vegetarian is a sprout munching fiend. Yes, I can confirm this right now. But you will not believe what you can do with a sprout …

I’m going to share a recipe which is a staple of Korean street food – crispy washed mung fritters filled with crunch sprouted mung, chilli, scallions, garlic, ginger and sesame. they’re explosive!

First, let’s tackle the subtle art of sprouting

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