More On Croquettes: Much Ado About Plenty

Check out some of the croquette-like creations which have graced our table at Spanish Yoga Retreat.  We hope it will give you ideas

Potato croquettes with roasted sweet acorns, walnuts and rosemary

Uppma croquettes with cream of wheat, black mustard seed, curry leaves and a pinch pinch of hing

Sweet potato croquettes with seitan and shitake mushrooms

Polenta croquettes with roast shalottes, gorgonzola and parmesan

Chargrilled aubergine croquettes with manchego and sage

Buckwheat croquettes with porcini, roast beetroot and dill

Croquetas De Tamal: lime-treated Mexican corn balls filled with halloumi and smoked chipotle chilli salsa

Fava bean croquettes with courgette, preserved lemon, sumac and black onion seeds

Millet croquettes with kale, fresh curd and Bengali fermented mustard Kāsandī


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