“Olla De Frijoles Negros”: Mexican Black Beans

Mexican Black Beans

Beans have been a staple of Mexican and pre-hispanic American societies since antiquity. Eaten with maize they provide complete protein as well as plentiful amounts of folate, vitamin B1, iron and magnesium.

Mexican beans are often eaten re-fried, that delicious réchauffé of days-old bean paste, sautéed with garlic, chilli, cumin and other herbs and spices, ever tastier for each day they survive. Continue reading ““Olla De Frijoles Negros”: Mexican Black Beans”

Bindaetteok – Korean Mung Bean Fritters

These mung bean fritters are a Korean street-food staple. Crispy on the outside the tender, moist centre is punctuated with crunchy sprouted mung, onion and other vegetables and kimchi, a pro-biotic super-food made from fermented Chinese Napa cabbage, pungent with ginger, garlic and red chilli

Traditional Kimchi contains sea-food products. You can find vegan approximations in some health-food shops, or follow our recipe for home-made vegan “kimchi . You can also try our kimchi-free version. It’s not probiotic, but bursting with flavour.

Korean mung bean fritters
Korean mung bean fritters

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