Kutti Dosa – Little South Indian Rice & Lentil Pancakes

small indian dosa pancake

The last time we made lacto-plums on an impulse I threw some of the plum vinegar into a batter I was making for dosa. I usually keep my dosa pure, but in for a penny, in for a pound: in went some black cumin after which a pinch of hing felt obligatory. Then I waited until morning for the result.

The batter had a definite yeasty smell and was extra full of air. This batter wanted to make soft, fluffy kutti (small) dosa. The type you drop onto a skillet and let spread naturally while a thousand bubbles burst to adorn the top

You can make Kutti Dosa the traditional way: just omit the lacto plum vinegar. Even the spices are optional

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Welcome Supper

group eating on yoga retreat

Yoga & Mindful Walking Menu 1

What a fantastic week! Thank you so much guys. The yoga, minfulness and nature walking really got those creative juices going, and what better outlet than cooking – and eating.

As promised here’s the first of the menus for you to request recipes.

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Spanish Tapas

eating Spanish tapas in an outdoor cafe

When Spaniards eat out with family and friends they order a selection of different dishes to share. They’re not over-bothered about nutritional balance, they’re all out for the taste.

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