Hello from Manuel & Brandon

Here at Spanish-Yoga-Retreat we love to feed our hungry yogis with delicious veggie food.

We were asked to share our recipes so often it just made sense to start a blog.

A Word About the Blog

Recipes are restrictive.  And you’ll always be cooking someone else’s dishes.

We want to show you the anatomy and philosophies of veggie dishes from all over.

Once you understand a dish  you can add your own twist or take an unexpected turn to invent something totally different.

World Cuisine

We’ve got a passion for travel and our dishes are inspired by having tasted authentic dishes from many countries.

We love to get inside  friends, family and clients’ kitchens abroad and at home, taste their food and get intimate with the culture and history of their way of cooking.


We’ll give you approximate quantities where proportions are essential. This is especially the case with baking.

Otherwise:  a pinch here,  a dash, there,  a load or a bit may be our best advice.  Experiment, experiment, experiment …


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