Spain's natural paradise

  • visit UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Monfrague & Geopark Villuercas-Ibores for nature walking & wildlife

  • discover Extremadura's "GOLDEN TRIANGLE", the UNESCO World Heritage cities of Mérida, Cáceres & Guadalupe


Encompassing one continuous mountainous region, geologically once part of the North American Apelachians, Monfrague & Villuercas offer nature at it's most pristine and remote


Named Mons Fragorum - the fragrant mounds - by the Romans, the park is now a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve protecting precious indigenous flora and fauna and is a walker's and bird-watcher's paradise

As many as 340 bird species settle here within each yearly cycle. Species include the Golden Eagle, Black Egyptian Vulture, Black Stork and the elusive Iberian Lynx. The area is also rich in plant diversity


Designated geo-park by UNESCO in 2011 the region is a symbol for sustainable tourism

All roads lead to the cultural and spiritual heart, the shrine to Our Lady Of Guadalupe

The park's physical pinnacle, the 1601m peak Risco De La Villuerca, offers views of the peaks and valleys of this achingly beautiful landscape

GOLDEN TRIANGLE: Extremadura's World Heritage


Nestled in the mountain landscape of Geoparque Villuercas-Ibores the diminutive village of Guadalupe houses the great Basilica and Real Monasterio dedicated to Extremadura's Patron Saint

The Monasterio curates works by Spain's Caravaggio, Zurbarán as well as Velazquez, El Greco and other masters


Ancient capital of the Roman province of Lusitania, Augusta Emérita preserves the country's most complete ensemble of Roman archeological remains. The amphitheatre is the site of the City's annual festival of classical theatre

Modern Mérida retains its power base as the seat of Extremadura's regional parliament


The provincial capital offers the visitor an architectural heritage well worth a visit. The City's Moorish walls contain the second largest water cistern in the world

Nearby Barruecos Regional Park offers walking around lakes and natural rock formations. Within the park the Vostell Museum houses works by Wolf Vostell and other Fluxus artists


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