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Learn the skills to stay calm in a hectic world

Do you find trying to still your thoughts uncomfortable, difficult, frustrating?

It's the natural for you to think, feel and act. Practising mindfulness is a way of staying calm and in control in the midst of activity

Practicing meditation is a skill that you can learn with the help of some simple guidelines and methods

  • Make peace with past, be conscious to motivate your practice for assured success
  • Learn to observe your reactions to the world around you and go beyond habitual reactions to more creative conscious choices
  • Discover your own purpose to motivate your practice for assured success
sitting in midfulness meditation

Tranquillity Meditations

These aim to still the thoughts for a blissful experience of deep calm

Body Focus

These meditations are non-denominational and can be practiced by anyone. Focusing on the body is simple and effective. We practice two body meditations

Mindfulness Of Breathing

Follow the movement of air entering and leaving your body; experience how your body, thoughts and emotions respond to the breath

Enjoy deep calm as the breath and mind settle

Body Scan

Scan the body from head to toe - noticing sensations, emotions, associations; without judgement, accepting of both pleasure and discomfort

This is a great way to establish a positive relationship with your body image and body-centred feelings

Body-scan meditation is also a powerful method for working with pain

guided yoga relaxation

Just Sitting

This is another Buddhist approach

Just sitting is about focusing on everything you experience and holding on to nothing

It's like looking at the sky and watching clouds go by

If you find tranquillity meditations challenging this may be your way of staying cool in a frantic world

midfulness of walking

Meditation In Action

Mindfulness of walking is a brilliant way to integrate mindfulness into your daily life

When walking mindfully you can fully engage with your body, thoughts, emotions, the Earth under your feet and your environment in its totality

We dedicate whole events to this form of meditation with mindful walks in both city and countryside

If just sitting there isn't your thing: get up and walk!


Mindfulness is an ancient Buddhist approach to meditation for achieving inner peace

Mindfulness means paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, with qualities like compassion, curiosity and acceptance

By being mindful, you discover how to live in the present moment in a full and enjoyable way


We give you a list of just some the many benefits which have been scientifically validated through a variety of studies

  • reducing fatigue
  • reducing pain
  • lowering blood pressure
  • boosting immunity
  • increasing memory
  • increasing productivity
  • managing stress
  • reducing anxiety
  • improving sleep


Mindfulness meditation is not the same as


As their name implies these are specific therapeutic modalities

The first was developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn from the University of Massachusetts

The second was a later development by Zindel Segal and Mark Williams and partially based on the above

They form distinct disciplines which employ mindfulness meditation in a clinical context to achieve measurable outcomes in mental health and areas of clinical medicine

We DO NOT offer these very specific treatment programmes