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The Spanish Yoga Retreat was founded in the summer of 2012 by osteopath and yoga teacher, Jose Manuel Poncé and designer Brandon Everett

"We are passionate in our pursuit of personal and spiritual development through yoga, the arts and contact with nature"

spanish yoga retreat director: jose manuel ponce

José Manuel Poncé-Aguilar

yoga teacher & trainer - osteopath - medical acupuncturist

Manuel started teaching integral yoga in 1980 in the London Sivananda Ashram where he was resident until 1985

He studied full-time at the British School Of Osteopathy, underwent further yoga-teacher-training with Sunra Yoga and later qualified in medical acupuncture

Manuel has made a special study of the therapeutic power of yoga and combines yoga coaching with hands-on treatment

He has recently founded CPDYoga to share current research and the latest trends in yoga and body-work for you busy teachers to integrate into your personal practice and teaching.


  • Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre (1980) yoga siromani
  • British School of Osteopathy (1989) DO
  • Sunra Yoga (2000) yoga teacher
  • City & Guilds (2007) certificate in teaching adults
  • ALIED / Herts. University (2014) masters-level medical acupuncture
spanish yoga retreat co-director brandon everett

Brandon Everett

artist - designer - vegetarian cook

Born in the city of Litchfield to a Quaker family, Brandon's artistic career has spanned four decades

He graduated in fashion and textile design from the Bradford College of Arts and went on to teach art in Mexico City before embarking on a UK-based career in costume for stage, film and TV. Latterly, Brandon has trained in floral art with one of the UK's leading artists, Paula Prike.

Brandon aims to help you express your uniqueness and creative potential through art . He is also a dedicated life-long vegetarian and expresses all his inventiveness and boundless imagination into creating dishes and menus that never fail to delight.

Brandon brings his own brand of stillness to yoga. The Quaker way of sitting quietly and opening to the "inner light" is a life-skill which comes naturally to him.


  • BA fashion & textile design (Bradford College of Arts)
yoga and art teacher martine charalambou

Martine Charalambou

artist - photographer - yogini

Martine is a full-time artist, teacher and committed yoga practitioner. Her yoga practice has been mainly in the Iyengar style

She studied painting and photography at Camberwell College Of Arts in London and has made art her life. Her principal media are painting - including portrait - and photography, though she is ever exploring novel forms of expression

Martine brings a wealth of experience in teaching art to adults in the life-long learning sector


  • BA painting & photography (Camberwell College of Arts)
masseur and scaravelli yoga teacher dom dolloso

Dominique Dolloso

Scaravelli inspired yoga teacher - massage therapist

Dom has been practising and studying Yoga for over 10 years

She began teaching in 1997 after training with Sunra in Ibiza. She went on to complete her full 500-hour professional yoga teacher's diploma at Natural Bodies in the style inspired by Vanda Scaravelli

Dom has a light-hearted approach to teaching and is a great believer in the here and now

She lives and works in Brighton in the UK. She teaches open and pre / post-natal Yoga and runs yoga retreats and "parties" in the UK and abroad

Maria Victoria Pizarro-Barrado

osteopath - masseur - reflexologist - Pilates teacher

Mavi is native to Trujillo where she lives and works

She is qualified in a number of different body-work modalities and offers you a variety of massage techniques and reflexology

PHILOSOPHY: we keep it simple

we aim to benefit the local economy by

  • outsourceing accommodation

we aim keep our use of global resources down by

  • advocating using public transport

  • swimming with the locals in the public pools

  • offsetting our carbon-footprint

guarantee you will not go hungy - or thirsty - at Casa Yoga Mingo Ramos by

  • serving FANTASTIC vegetarian food!!


2004: we begin a series of travel adventures to find a second home in Spain

We explored coastlines, cities and villages, great plains and mountains. We covered Andalucia (my birthplace), the Levant, the north, and great swathes of Castille, León and La Mancha

Crossing the mountains south into Extremadura something stirred. We were getting close

Then it happened. Driving to ancient Trujillo, the city appeared in the distance alone in a vast wilderness, a great stone fortress of towers and graceful buildings, cypresses softening the stone. We drove to the town square...Nirvana: all thoughts and feelings converged into one simple certainty: I'm home

A year on, watching the sun set from the edge of the old city, I glanced up above the castle's Moorish arch to the stone Virgin - and I made a wish. It just happened. "Show me a way of spending more time here doing something creative. I'll know the sign when it comes"

On the way home we stopped at a shop. Mari-Jose, the shopkeeper, owned the place next to ours which lay empty and was for sale. "Take the keys. Have a look around. Maybe a friend of yours will be interested". Opening the door to number 22 we entered a deep vaulted room, looked at each other: "yoga...It's the sign!"

ॐ लक्ष्म्यै नमः