city of trujillo

Founded by the Romans from a Celtic settlement, ancient Turgalium has witnessed all the joys and sorrows of Iberian history with Muslims, Jews and Christians contributing to modern Trujillo's emblem of

  • most noble
  • most loyal
  • most heroic

trujillo's town square

Just 132 miles from Madrid the diminutive City Of Trujillo is a world apart from the big, bustling metropolis

Slow-paced and buzzing with energy, ancient and full of youthful vitality, here you will find tradition, innovation and tranquility intertwined with all the exuberance of contemporary Spanish life

  • discover Trujillo's place in Spanish & world history in its monuments and museums
  • explore the old medieval quarter
  • enjoy a drink with a tapa in Spain's most theartrical town square
  • swim in your hotel pool or mingle with the locals in the town pools
  • walk in the surrounding countryside, a nature-lovers' paradise

tings to do in trujillo

trujillo castle, extremadura, spain


Trujillo has a wealth of historical buildings and museums where you can step back into the city's long and varied history

Places to visit include

  • the medieval city with its churches, manorial houses and leafy plazas
  • the Moorish castle
  • church and bell-towers of Santa Maria La Mayor
  • church of Santiago
  • the Francisco Pizarro house, and more . . .
  • fundación Salas in La Coria


Trujillo has no end of places where you can rest, refuel and take in the local atmosphere. The fancier places are around the town square and C / Sillerias. Or walk down to lower Trujillo for a more authentic local colour

Veggie: typical of Spain, veggie options in Trujillo are limited outside of "Casa Yoga Mingo Ramos". However, Plaza Mayor and GLOSS in the town square have a reasonable selection

Non-veggie: Number 7 in C / Sillerias has a growing reputation for serving great traditional food with a modern twist. Or try Deleite, tucked away beside the Palacio De Piedras Albas. Juan Carlos serves among the city's best cheeses, Iberico ham and a discerning selection of wines and craft beers


Traditional items include ceramics, jewelery, shawls and embroidery. Try Sala De Artesanía, in C / De La Merced

The region's cheeses are among the best in Spain. Extremadura is home to smoky paprika and acorn-fed Iberico ham, great wines and latterly some exceptional craft beers.

Visit the Thursday market for fresh produce, a fantastic array of olives, general bargains, local gossip and oodles of atmosphere

SWIM and sun-bathe in your hotel or join the locals in the public pool, with its bar-restaurant, cool tunes and posing to rival any costa beach

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