Umami: Glutamate And The Fifth Primary Taste

I was just saying how hard it is to get real vegan kimchi when, walking down Waterloo’s “Lower Marsh” on my way  to collect my trendy new Tom Ford glasses I come across these charming people.

Korean street food
Korean street food in Lower Marsh, Waterloo

Not only do they claim to make their own vegan kimchi, they’re frying up mung bean fritters, my absolute Korean street favourite.

Back at base my glasses fit perfectly. I haven’t yet been told how handsome they make me look but already I’m pretty pleased. The mung fritters are nearly as good as Brandon’s. The kimchi? No detectable fishiness, big in savoury deliciousness. [sg_popup id=”22″ event=”click”]Natural umami or MSG?[/sg_popup]

I claim no ill effect from MSG other than a thirst a barrel of beer can’t quench. Putting the acid-test into action I polish off the lot and wait – in vain – for thirst.

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