Dinner: Korean Bibimbap With Turnip Kimchi

yoga and mindful walking in monfrague

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Great day out in Monfrague Biosphere Reserve with a stiff walk up to the Castle. I chickened out just before the summit. Vertigo, don’t you know! Lots of fresh air, exercise – and vultures. Enough to give anyone a healthy appetite. We ate lunch out in the chiringito in the village. Finally, after an hour of gentle restorative yoga, SUPPER. Well, dinner, actually. Continue reading “Dinner: Korean Bibimbap With Turnip Kimchi”

Lunch: Ethiopian Injera With Three Stews

ethiopian injera with vegan side dishes

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Our first day: lunch after walking around the Old City walls and Castle.

The “injera” we ate was a gluten-free version with sorghum and millet, plus buckwheat for colour and body. It was  naturally fermented as per teff injera and made by excactly the same method. Click here for classic injera recipe.

Other methods include the yeast-based lahoh and an instant injera

I used my amazing air-fryer / food dehydrator to dry the sweetest figs  I’ve ever tasted, courtesy of our dear frineds John Perring and Charmian Inman from their nearby finca  Lagar de La Señora.  John and Charmian also make excellent organic wines under the same name and the best ever olive oil: check them out at Lagar De la Señora.

The menu:

Continue reading “Lunch: Ethiopian Injera With Three Stews”

Ethiopian Berbere Spice Blend

grpound spices

Berbere Spice Blend

This quintessentially Ethiopian chilli-based spice blend is readily available from mainstream supermarket chains. For a more authentic product the universal rule applies: if you want it done “properly” do it yourself. Every cook has their own version. The recipe given contains the most commonly used and readily available spices. Lesser known  spices include nigella (black onion) seeds, ajwain, and korarima, a spice that grows wild in Ethiopia.

Make a simple dry spice powder which will keep in a sealed jar for many months, or go one step further and prepare a tempered berbere paste ready to add to dishes at any stage.

Use in: wots (stews), dry rubs, lentil soups, roasted vegetables, dips Continue reading “Ethiopian Berbere Spice Blend”

Ethiopiques: London South Bank

ethiopian street food

Just back in London. wet, windy and nippy: what a relief! Thought we’d enjoy the bad weather and sniff out some Veggie / vegan Ethiopian street food from a stall in the South Bank I heard about.

Ok, the injera is not 100% teff given the colour – and taste.  I’ll ask what flour(s) they used another time. It felt wrong to scrutinize the product before deciding whether or not it was tasty, which it definitely was. The toppings were great: fresh and bright okra, cous-cous, chickpeas, brown-lentil and soya stews beatifully spiced and plenty of raw salds. Yum.  Def recommend you try them when in central London. Weekends only.

Ethiopique, South Bank, London


Mango Salsa

mexican mango salsa

I first tasted this in Guanajuato in central Mexico. It came with soft, crisp flour  tortillas filled with Brie and caramelized onions. I don’t recall the main course. I’d just arrived and was so intoxicated by the colour all around me that only the this sharp, sweet, piquant salsa managed to get through the sensory overload. Continue reading “Mango Salsa”