Shukto – Bengali Mixed Vegetable Curry

bengali vegettarian curry - Shukto

It’s the custom in the Bengal region of north-east India to start a meal with a bitter dish. Shukto achieves this through the use of karela, a bitter gourd readily available from most Asian grocers. If bitter isn’t your thing you can simply omit this vegetable and use any of your favourite ones.

Two other flavours are common in Bengali dishes, mustard in the form of seed, the oil or kasundi and panch phoran or five spice. This dish combines all these flavours for a traditionally sweet dish with a mild bitterness – or leave out the bitter and keep it sweet. Continue reading “Shukto – Bengali Mixed Vegetable Curry”

Soup For Supper: Artichoke & Broad Bean Potage With Parsley, White Wine & Saffron

fresh globe artichokes

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We all know supper is a lighter, more informal version of dinner. Both are evening meals, of course. But did you know: the words soup and supper are related?

We round off our first day with a quintessentially Spanish artichoke and broad-bean  stew. Distinguishable from a soup merely by the amount of liquid present, where’s the argument? Continue reading “Soup For Supper: Artichoke & Broad Bean Potage With Parsley, White Wine & Saffron”

Lunch: Ethiopian Injera With Three Stews

ethiopian injera with vegan side dishes

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Our first day: lunch after walking around the Old City walls and Castle.

The “injera” we ate was a gluten-free version with sorghum and millet, plus buckwheat for colour and body. It was  naturally fermented as per teff injera and made by excactly the same method. Click here for classic injera recipe.

Other methods include the yeast-based lahoh and an instant injera

I used my amazing air-fryer / food dehydrator to dry the sweetest figs  I’ve ever tasted, courtesy of our dear frineds John Perring and Charmian Inman from their nearby finca  Lagar de La Señora.  John and Charmian also make excellent organic wines under the same name and the best ever olive oil: check them out at Lagar De la Señora.

The menu:

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Gomen Wot: Ethiopian Chard and Onion Stew

gomen wot; ethiopian swiss chard for injera

This is the simplest of dishes to accompany the star of the show: injera flat-bread.

Much of the flavour comes from long cooking of the onions which are given time to release their sugars and develop other flavaoursome compounds.  15 mins is minimum, and 30 is even better. Add a few drops of water as needed to stop them overbrowning. Otherwise Gomen Wot requires no lengthy explanation – let’s cut straight to the recipe

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