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Yoga Holidays For Vegans –
And Vegetarians Too

Vegan Travelers

When it comes to travel, we vegans know all too well the difficulties of finding plant-based food that’s not only half decent, but also provides enough nutrition to keep us satisfied and healthy on our well-earned break

Vegetarian & Vegan Holidays

Take one step outside Spain’s biggest cities and you’ll be hard pressed not to find chicken broth in your minestrone or a generous sprinkling of tuna all over your hard-sought goat’s cheese salad. Cut out eggs and dairy and you’re in serious trouble!

For us, cooking vegetarian is like breathing. Good, fresh, simple ingredients put together with nutritional know-how and a good dose of artistry and flair (olé)

Our holidays and retreats cater for vegans by default. However, if you like a drop of dairy milk in your tea or a perfectly soft-boiled egg with your ramen we promise you won’t be disappointed

Let us know your dietary preferences in the section below. We aim to please

holidays for vegans

Check out our yoga & cooking – opt for vegan or ova-lacto-vegetarian

holidays for vegans: yoga and veggie food

Check out our yoga & cooking – opt for vegan or ova-lacto-vegetarian

Vegetarian & Vegan Options

We serve two freshly-cooked plant-based meals daily, with a vegan or vegetarian option with all our yoga holiday packages

We lean towards locally grown seasonal produce which we prepare both raw and cooked to provide the best balance of nutrition and taste

Healthy & Tasty

Veggie food brims with flavour, colour and all the nutrients you need: from vitamins & minerals to protein sufficient for a body-builder

We follow the science to give you all essential nutrients, and also keep the trillions of gut bacteria so essential for your wellbeing healthy and happy

Above all, our passion is for taste. For food that delights the senses and celebrates millennia of human ingenuity for transforming a necessity into an exquisite pleasure

Special Diets

We cater for vegans and vegetarians, and can also accommodate some exclusion diets

To help us plan our menus please let us know your dietary preferences in advance. If we don’t hear from you we’ll assume you’re happy to eat really delicious vegan food with no special restrictions

If you’ve requested to exclude certain foods please await our confirmation before settling your deposit – don’t worry, we’ll reserve your place in the meantime!

Your Dietary Preferences

Serious Allergies

At this time we are not able to guarantee non-contamination with nuts, gluten or other allergens, so our retreats may not be suitable for you if you have a serious food allergy

Check out our yoga & cooking – opt for vegan or ova-lacto-vegetarian

Shiozuke: Cucumber With Kelp

Shiozuke: Cucumber With Kelp

Tsukemono or pickled thing in Japan accompanies literally every meal, can be served over a bowl of rice and even forms part of the tea ceremony.

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