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Holistic Retreats In Spain: Health Matters

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Your Wellbeing Is Our Priority

Our holistic spanish yoga retreats offer you precious time and space to nurture your wellbeing

With yoga enhancing your wellbeing from

  • personal and spiritual growth, to
  • managing your aches and pains
  • supporting your physical health
  • and improving your resilience to stress and nurturing your mental wellbeing

what are your personal priorities?

Health Screening

Use the resources below to help us help you get the most from your holistic yoga retreat in Spain

  1. Complete our online health form, OR
  2. request a live virtual one-2-one chat

Travel Insurance

We recommend you take out travel insurance to include healthcare costs

EU citizens can access state health care in any EU country with a European Health Card

Post Brexit, UK citizens can get state healthcare cover in Spain with the new GHIC card. Click the link below for more information and to apply for your GHIC card online

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Body Therapies:

all our holistic yoga retreats offer you natural body therapies to complement your yoga practice and precisely address your specific issues

Manuel is a practising cranio-sacral and structural osteopath and medical acupuncturist registered with the UK General Osteopathic Council (Ref 1038)


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Founded by Andrew Taylor Still in the late 1800’s, osteopathy is based on the vital link between healthy structure and optimal function

Osteopaths work on your body’s mechanical functions to improve not just your structural integrity, but your whole physical and mental wellbeing

Joseph Manuel Ponce is a full member of the UK General Osteopathic Council




50 mins


The osteopath William Garner Sutherland, while studying the structure of the cranium, discovered that the whole body, including the skull, expresses a rhythmic motion palpable to the hand

Our understanding of the craniosacral impulse has evolved from a merely physical force to a vital expression of the fundamental life-force we call health

Dr Sutherland has given us a holistic healing system based on deep listening and using just intention to free your system back to health




50 mins
yoga and holistic therapies - retreat in Spain
acupuncture , yoga and mindfulness - holistic spanish retreats

Medical Acupunture

is an ancient Chinese form of energy healing for harmonizing the flow of vital force to improve health

Whilst acknowledging traditional Chinese medicine, medical acupuncture leans towards a Western medico-scientific model of health

There is good evidence that acupuncture can balance the body’s regulatory systems to …

… potentiate tissue healing and repair, fight infection and modulate pain and inflammation

… reduce stress and anxiety and their impact on your physical and mental well-being

Manuel practices acupuncture in the context of osteopathic medicine


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