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Vegetarian & Vegan Retreats

Healthy Is Vital – Delicious Is Essential

Veggie food brims with flavour, colour and all the nutrients you need: from vitamins & minerals to protein sufficient for a body-builder

We follow the science to optimize nutrition and maintain your gut bacteria (microbiome) healthy and happy

Yet our real passion is for taste. For food that delights all your senses and celebrates millenia of human ingenuity in transforming a necessity into a pleasure

Parmesan With Your Pasta?

We prepare 100% plant based food by default

However, if you like a bit of Parmesan with your pasta or a drop of cow’s milk in your tea you won’t be disappointed

Please let us know your dietary preferences in the next section

Special Diets

We can accommodate a number of exclusion diets to help you manage your food preferences and intolerances

Please let us know your special requirements and await our confirmation before making your booking – don’t worry, we’ll reserve your place in the meantime!

Serious Allergies

Regrettably we are not able to guarantee non-contamination with nuts, gluten or other allergens, so our retreats may not be suitable for you if you have a serious food allergy

Check out our yoga & vegetarian – vegan

cooking retreats

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