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City Of Trujillo, Extremadura

Just 132 miles from Madrid the diminutive City Of Trujillo is a world apart

Historic and modern, lively, yet laid back, Trujillo is a perfect place for yoga, and to sit back, slow down, and enjoy slice of old and contemporary Spain

Whether you like nature or culture, town or country, Trujillo has it all

Historic Trujillo

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Founded by Muslim rulers over Roman foundations the City has lived all the joys and sorrows of Spain’s long and complex history

The retreat center is located in the hear of Trujillo’s old quarter, a scan few metres from the town square and just a few minutes’ walk from the City’s main facilities and attractions

Discover ancient Trujillo through the City’s many museums and historical buildings. Places to visit include

  • the medieval city with its churches, manorial houses and leafy plazas
  • the Moorish castle
  • church and bell-towers of Santa Maria La Mayor
  • church of Santiago
  • the Francisco Pizarro house
  • fundación Salas in La Coria, and more . . .


Trujillo has no end of places where you can rest, refuel and take in the local colour

While free tapas are no longer a given in Spain, the tradition is very much alive here

The fancier places are around the town square and C / Sillerías. Or walk down to lower Trujillo for a more authentically local atmosphere

Vegetarian options outside the yoga retreat center include classic Spanish tapas such as tortilla and porcini croquettes, as well as some of the best cheeses in Spain

You can also get a decent veggie burger in Gloss (town square) and a selection of basque pintxos (bites) at Mike’s special Bar in C/Sillerias. 

Golden Triangle

Extremadura’s World Heritage

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Nestled in the mountain landscape of Geoparque Villuercas-Ibores the diminutive village of Guadalupe houses the great Basilica and Real Monasterio dedicated to Extremadura’s Patron Saint

The Monasterio curates works by Spain’s Caravaggio: Zurbarán, as well as Velazquez, El Greco and other masters


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Nestling in the banks of the Guadiana river ancient Augusta Emérita preserves the country’s most complete ensemble of Roman remains

The amphitheatre celebrates the City’s annual festival of classical theatre

Modern Mérida retains its power base as the seat of Extremadura’s autonomous parliament


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The provincial capital offers the visitor an architectural heritage well worth a visit

The City’s Moorish walls contain the second largest water cistern in the world

Nearby, amidst the lakes and natural rock formations of Barruecos Regional Park the Vostell Museum houses works by Wolf Vostell and other Fluxus artists

National Parks

Encompassing one continuous mountain chain, geologically once part of the North American Appalachians, Monfragüe & Villuercas-Ibores offer you nature at its most pristine

Monfragüe Biosphere Reserve

Mons Fragorum – the fragrant mound – houses precious indigenous flora and fauna and is a walker’s and bird-watcher’s paradise

Up to 340 bird species visit yearly, including the Golden Eagle, Egyptian Vulture and Black Stork

There are deer, wild hogs and the occasional sighting of the elusive Iberian Lynx

Villuercas-Ibores Geopark

Designated geo-park by UNESCO in 2011 the region is a symbol for sustainable tourism

The park’s physical pinnacle, the 1601m Risco De La Villuerca, offers views of the peaks and valleys of this achingly beautiful region

All roads lead to the shrine of Our Lady Of Guadalupe, patron saint of Extremadura and all of Latin America

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