Gomen Wot: Ethiopian Chard and Onion Stew

gomen wot; ethiopian swiss chard for injera

This is the simplest of dishes to accompany the star of the show: injera flat-bread.

Much of the flavour comes from long cooking of the onions which are given time to release their sugars and develop other flavaoursome compounds.  15 mins is minimum, and 30 is even better. Add a few drops of water as needed to stop them overbrowning. Otherwise Gomen Wot requires no lengthy explanation – let’s cut straight to the recipe

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Butterhead Lettuce Soup With Nutmeg And Black Pepper

About Lettuce Soup and Soup in General

lettuce woup with nutmeg and black pepper

The soup universe is a big place – hearty winter soups with lentils, root vegetables, pearl barley, rich spices like smoked paprika and herbs with deep notes, like sage, bay and oregano.

Bean soups  such as the Mexican black-bean soup with chipotle chilli and epazote herb (my favourite).

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