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Wellness Retreats In Spain

Rest & Restore – nature’s best cure

Relaxing Yoga Holidays – soothe your body, lift your spirit

Yoga & Walking Retreats

live healthy and long 

and discover Spain’s natural paradise

Yoga Holidays & Wellness Retreats In Spain’s Natural Paradise

Founded in 2004 by osteopath & yoga teacher José Manuel Ponce and artist & designer Brandon Everett the Spanish Yoga Retreat is a space for healing, going slow, and enjoying life’s simple riches – good food, good company and good laughs

We are in ancient Trujillo, a diminutive hill-top city with a big history and rich artistic legacy, in beautiful Extremadura, Spain’s least populous and one its most unspoilt regions

Boost your whole wellbeing with healing yoga, natural therapies and sumptuous veggie food. And enjoy an authentic taste of the people, culture and land of fascinating Spain

Yoga Retreats Spain 2022

walking at the spanish yoga retreat

Yoga Walking Retreats

Regular walking can lengthen your life by up to 7 years. Add yoga & mindfulness and it’s win, win

Join us on a yoga walking retreat: live healthy and long, and discover Spain’s natural paradise

6 nights from €785 all inclusive

wellbeing yoga retreats in spain

Yoga Wellness Retreats 

Rest is nature’s best cure: move, rest, let go of tension – nourish and restore your whole being

Enjoy deep calm on this wellness Spanish retreat dedicated to de-stressing your mind and body

6 nights from €785 all inclusive

spanish yoga retreats - healthy structure

 Relaxing Yoga Holidays

 A relaxing yoga holiday to energize and restore you back to balance

Let the warm Spanish sun, yoga and meditation melt away your stress & tension on this wellbeing retreat to soothe your mind, body & spirit

6 nights from €785 all inclusive

spanish yoga retreats - vegan cooking

Veggie & Vegan Cooking

at the Spanish Yoga retreat: unleash your imagination with yoga & meditation and transform simple, local ingredients into exuberant dishes from Spain and beyond

ova-lacto vegetarian or 100% vegan

6 nights from €785 all inclusive

online yoga at the spanish yoga retreat

Online Yoga Classes

Small-group yoga for a healthy mind and body:

  • active and restorative yoga
  • movement optimization
  • nidra, guided relaxations & more

Groups of x6 for max attention

spanish yoga retreats online

Private Yoga Classes

Target your specific complaint with a 1-to-1 yoga programme to support healing & optimize function:

  • functional movement coaching
  • therapeutic exercise
  • yoga & stress management
  • craniosacral healing and more

Kind Words From Our Visitors 

“Relaxation in an amazing location

Many will know Manuel for his yoga, osteopathy and healing touch in London but this is a another level

Here in Trujillo there is the whole aspect of Spanish hospitality

The town is a delight and there are many lovely bars and cafes to share a drink, relax and talk therapy. Works a treat!!”

“A rare treat

A week of Yoga and walking in Spain combined with Manuel and Brandon’s superb cooking and company was honestly a joy from start to finish

The detail and insight Manuel gives with the yoga opens up a completely new way of deepening one’s practice.

His knowledge and sensitivity to body movement is, in our experience, unique …

“A perfect package of delights

The yoga classes, the utterly delicious meals, your excellent company, wandering the streets of Trujillo, breakfasting in the square and enjoying the pool with the locals

You both seemed so spontaneous and relaxed while managing to be perfectly organised

I so enjoyed it. Thank you a thousand times Manuel and Brandon. It was just splendid

What Makes us Different?

Spanish Yoga Retreat’s Ethos & Services

yoga for vagus nerve stimulation

A Focus On Your Wellbeing

At the heart of our retreats is your welfare, enjoyment and wellbeing

Whether you want to focus your health, manage your aches and pains, find your new life direction or just chill and enjoy some proper down time, we help you get the best from your break

Osteopath & Yoga teacher for 4 decades

Spanish Yoga Retreat’s director & teacher Manuel is a cranial-oriented osteopath and yoga instructor practising since 1983.

Manuel integrates ancient yoga wisdom with current evidence-based science for a practice tailored to your individual needs, goals and wellbeing

Trujillo - home of the spanish yoga retreat centre

A Focus On Your Enjoyment

Nature & Nurture At The Spanish Yoga Retreat

Join us in the historic City Of Trujillo, a hill-top fortress with under 10 thousand people and a whole lot of history, culture and Spanish exuberance

Famed for housing Spain’s most theatrical town square, rich in art and history, and set in glorious, pristine countryside, Trujillo is a fantastic place to get off the beaten track and experience the essence of Spanish life

Enjoy the best of town & country, nature & culture, and nurture your mind, body and soul here at the Spanish Yoga retreat


Enjoy A Yoga Retreat In Spain’s Natural Paradise

An area the size of Wales with little over a million humans, the autonomous region of Extremadura is big on nature

Discover off-the-beaten-track Monfragüe, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of pristine mountain landscapes with wildlife to match

And explore the endless of miles of walking paths and charming old-world villages in Trujillo’s glorious countryside

Join us at the Spanish Yoga Retreat: with two national parks and the UNESCO World Heritage cities of Mérida, Cáceres & Guadalupe on your doorstep, you’ll be truly spoilt for choice

Check out our

veggie food at the spanish yoga retreats

Food For Your Body, Mind  – & Microbiata

You already know how incredibly healthy, nutritious and environmentally friendly veggie food is

Food is also one of life’s great pleasures, and at the Spanish Yoga Retreat we put beautiful, delicious and nutritious food at the top of our offerings

Vegetarian from age seven Spanish Yoga Retreat’s cook Brandon pours all the brilliance of his artistic career in film and telly into dishes to nurture your body, wow your senses and inspire your imagination

Add to that Manuel’s love of home-made ferments, from Japanese miso & pickles to Korean kimchi & gochujang, and even your belly microbes will jump for joy

Veggie or Vegan?

We serve freshly cooked vegetarian fare daily. (Fermented side pickles optional)

Opt to include eggs & dairy, or go 100% vegan

Get the full details from our vegetarian food page

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