Injera: Ethiopia’s Thousand-Hole Pancake With Vegan Accompaniments

Britain is still gripped in a suffocating heatwave. Here is Spain tempratures are higher  but in Trujillo you wouldn’t think so – the air is dry so you barely sweat – you do, but it evaporates to keep you cool, the slightest breaze, though hot,  feels refreshing, and night-time temperatures are 25C degrees lower than by day! Locals are calling this a cool summer, though 40C is forcast for next week when summer proper is due to arrive. Can’t wait…

I love fermenting grains in the hot weather and two of my many number-one favourites are Ethiopian teff Injera and Ghanaian maize Kenkey.  The Injera battter prepared, I now need to wait 3-4 days (5 in the winter) for it to ferment.  Once accomplished  I’ll let you in on the secret. And as usual I’ll suggest alternative grains and how to cheat for instant results.

For now, I’m planning three classic vegan accompaniments for Injera- a Swis chard Gomen Wot, a red lentil stew with Berbere spices, Misir Wot, and potato and carrot Alicha.

Later Ghanaian Kenkey with chilli relish. Then a return to Mexico for corn tamales and in particular the fermented sour tamal from Michoacán. I  can barely contain myself, though I know I must!

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