Kimchi, Sauerkraut & Savoury Probiotics: The Sky’s The Limit

Having tried sauerkraut, traditional Napa cabbage kimchi, the fresher cucumber kimchi, and unfermented Korean lettuce kimchi (sangchu-geotjeori) we should now be able to give the same treatment to practically any vegetable.

Here are a few of the kimchis and other fermented pickles that have adorned our table at Spanish Yoga Retreatwhite pear kimchi

White Korean Pear Kimchi

A delicate soup-like kimchi made with white radish, pear and chive gently fermented in pear juice. It’s only mildly spiced with fresh green chillies. Red chilli can be used sparingly to create a “pink” kimchi.

Here’s a few more:

Beetroot tops with dill seeds

Chard stalks with sweet white miso

Sesame leaves with fresh green peppercorns

Bengali mustard greens with roasted fenugreek and coriander

Pony-tail radish with Sechuan flowers

Carrot & parsnip with horseradish

Fennel bulb with pickled walnuts

Green chilli with Avocado leaves

Celeriac with black onion seeds

Red cabbage with black pepper & caraway

Green mango with krachai ginger, lemongrass & black cumin


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