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vegetarian food

Sit back, relax and let us entertain you with colours, aromas, tastes and textures from around the globe

We'll even take care of the washing up!

We serve freshly cooked vegetarian dishes which are nutritionally balanced and express all the exuberance and creativity of culinary cultures around the world - with our own twist


We love to cook and take delight in creating dishes inspired by our many travels to near and far places

We also want to share with you authentic Spanish and other Mediterranean dishes which are traditionally meat-free

By default we use eggs, dairy products, pulses, grains, nuts, seeds and of course fruit and vegetables (but see "special diets")

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We cater for you vegans absolutely. Please tell us ahead of time - via the blue button below - so we can plan your menus

Exclusion Diets

If you need to exclude certain food-stuffs from your diet tell us about it by clicking on the blue button below. We can usually accommodate your requirements. However, please wait for our reply before making your booking

Serious Food Allergies

We are unable to guarantee non-contamination with nuts, gluten, shellfish and other allergens, making our holidays unsuitable for you if you are coeliac or have a nut, shellfish or other serious food allergy



Extremadura is famous for its cheeses, mostly from the native Merine sheep and goat varieties including the Verata, Retinta and Serrana. The traditional rennet is the "cardo" thistle, a member of the artichoke family

We Recommend

  • Torta Del Casar (DO)
  • Queso De Los Ibores (DO)
  • Finca Pascualete: Retorta
Trujillo, estremadura: local Cheese Trujillo, estremadura: Ibores Goats' Cheese


  • "criadillas": a local truffle with a unique flavour
  • wild asparagus
  • tender wild thistle
  • acorns, used in drinks and desserts
  • wild mushrooms including
    Boletus, Amanita Caesarea & many more ...
vegetables - wild mushroom wild tender thistle


The northern border of Extremadura with Old Castille is a mountainous chain comprising a series of valleys

  • Paprika

    The Valley of La Vera produces effectively all of Spain's smoked paprika or pimentón

  • Cherries

    Over 50% of Spain's cherries are grown in the Valley of El Jerte to be eaten fresh or turned into liqueurs, kirsches and preserves

la vera, extremadura, spain: smoked paprika Cherry blossom


You can sample the local non-vegetarian gastronomy in one of Trujillo's plentiful cafés and restaurants in the form of free tapas with a drink or a more substantial paid-for "ración"

Extremadura is home to the black-footed Iberian pig which produces the legendary Iberico ham and related products


Extremadura's classified wine region (DO), the Ribera Del Guadiana, contains six sub-regions. Trujillo's DO wines are classified under the Cañamero sub-zone

The native white variety, Eva De Los Santos, makes a refreshing table wine suited to the region's terroir


  • Reds
    • Habla Del Silencio
    • Viña Puebla
    • Payva
  • Whites and Rosés
    • Bellota (100% Eva)
    • Nadir Rosado