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the benefits of yoga for musculoskeletal health

Wellnes & Yoga Retreats

Founded in 2004 by osteopath & yoga teacher Manuel Ponce and designer Brandon Hargreave as a space to share with you the magic of yoga as healing art and celebrate the wonder that is Spain

Go Slow, Keep On Moving

The best of all nature cures, rest is not about being inert. Movement is essential for your wellbeing. You were born to move

Move as you rest. And stay healthy and happy

Low-Impact Tourism

From carbon offsetting your air-miles to using public transport, enjoying a vegetarian diet, and outsourcing accommodation, we strive to make your visit enjoyable and beneficial for you, the local community and the planet


Yoga teacher / trainer & osteopath

with a special interest in the therapeutic potential of yoga to help you enjoy optimum health

Manuel trained as a yoga teacher in 1980 with the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta School where he was resident until until embarking on a career in osteopathy in 1985

He took further yoga-teacher-training with Sunra Yoga in 1997 and has post-graduate qualifications in medical acupuncture, cranial-osteopathy and facilitating learning in adults

Manuel is a practising osteopath registered with the UK General Osteopathic Council (GOsC)

the benefits of yoga for musculoskeletal health


Co-ordinator & Vegetarian Cook

Artist, designer, vegetarian cook: Brandon’s artistic career has spanned four decades. He graduated in fashion and textile design from the Bradford College of Art, taught art in Mexico City, then settled on a career in costume for stage, film and TV

Brandon is a dedicated life-long vegetarian and pours his boundless inventiveness and imagination into creating dishes that never fail to delight

As a Quaker, Brandon brings a unique quality of stillness to our wellness yoga retreats: the Quaker way of sitting quietly, open to the “inner light”

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