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relax & reset in Spain’s natural paradise

Wellness Retreats In Spain

Rest & Restore – nature’s best cure

Relaxing Yoga Holidays – soothe your body, lift your spirit

Yoga & Walking Retreats

live healthy and long 

and discover a natural paradise

Boost your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing with healing yoga, natural therapies and sumptuous veggie food
And enjoy an authentic taste of the land, people and culture of fascinating Spain

Founded in 2004 by osteopath & yoga teacher José Manuel Ponce and artist-designer Brandon Everett the Spanish Yoga Retreat offers you a space for healing, going slow, and enjoying life’s simple pleasures: good food, good company and good times!

walking at the spanish yoga retreat

Yoga & Mindful Walking Retreats

Regular walking can lengthen your life by up to 7 years. Add yoga & mindfulness and it’s win, win

Join us on a yoga walking retreat: live healthy and long, and discover Spain’s natural paradise

6 nights from €785 all inclusive

spanish yoga retreats - healthy structure

Flexible Date Yoga Breaks

A relaxing yoga holiday in the Spanish sun to relax, de-stress and restore you back to balance

With daily rates you can come when you want and leave when you’re ready. 2 nights’ minimum stay

daily rates from €120 all in

spanish yoga retreats - vegan cooking

Yoga & Plant-Based Cooking

at the Spanish Yoga retreat: unleash your imagination with yoga & meditation and transform simple, local ingredients into exuberant dishes from Spain and beyond

ova-lacto vegetarian or 100% vegan

6 nights from €785 all inclusive

The Spanish yoga retreats offer you a whole range of activities and amenities to nourish your mind, body, and soul

Enjoy daily yoga and mindful meditation classes,  a range of wellness workshops and professional hands-on therapies. And round off your experience with fine vegetarian-vegan food, activities including guided nature walks, and an intimate contact with contemporary Spanish life and culture

spanish yoga retreats in trujillo

Wellbeing Oriented

Support your wellbeing, manage your aches and pains, or just enjoy some quality down time

Whether you’re a complete beginner, or looking to deepen your practice, our small group yoga retreats will give you the focus you need to build a strong, personal yoga practice to enjoy all the physical, mental and spiritual benefits yoga has to offer you

monfrague walking retreat

Nature & Nurture

Join us in ancient Trujillo, a hill-top fortress with under 10 thousand people and bursting with history, culture and Spanish exuberance

Discover off-the-beaten-track Monfragüe, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, or Extremadura’s World-Heritage golden triangle in Cáceres, Mérida & Guadalupe

And explore endless miles of walking paths and ancient villages in Trujillo’s glorious countryside

holidays for vegans

Yoga For Your Body …

… mind, and microbiome! Delight all your senses while you nurture your body and mind

Enjoy nourishing, plant-based world cuisine, freshly prepared by our veggie chef Brandon from local ingredients

With vegan and vegetarian options, and a respect for your food intolerances no one gets left out

At Spanish yoga retreat we’ve been welcoming clients from all walks of life, each with their personal motive for their visit. 

As well as being a transformative experience our retreats offer you an intimate contact with contemporary Spanish life, and a chance to explore Spain’s rich cultural heritage and discover the diverse, natural landscapes of Extremadura, Spain’s natural paradise – all wrapped in a warm Spanish welcome

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