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Yoga Holidays For Foodies
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A Retreat For Yoga And Food Lovers

Are you looking for a holiday where you can indulge in a delectable culinary experience while deepening your yoga practice? Look no further. Our gourmet vegetarian and vegan retreats are specially curated for yoga foodies like you

From mouthwatering plant-based meals made with the freshest, locally sourced ingredients to daily yoga and meditation sessions to help you find inner balance and harmony, our retreats are designed to provide you with a complete wellness experience

Vegetarian & Vegan Yoga Retreats For Foodies

Ethical, sustainable, delicious and nutritious, a plant based diet and yoga are natural partners. At Spanish Yoga Retreat we understand that nourishing your body, mind and soul go hand in hand. That’s why we’ve crafted a range of plant-based retreats to offer you the best of all worlds

Our vegetarian and vegan retreats offer you a unique opportunity to indulge in a world of gourmet plant-based cuisine. From flavorful and creative savoury dishes to exquisite drinks and desserts, our retreats are designed to satisfy even the most discerning food lovers

Embark on a journey of self-discovery, while treating your taste buds to unforgettable flavors on our gourmet yoga retreats. Your body, mind and taste buds will thank you!

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Check out our yoga & veggie-vegan cooking retreats

Ova-Lacto & Vegan Options

Food is a vital part of the retreat experience. Eating together, sharing stories, and enjoying a feast of colour and delectable tastes

Our talented chef will prepare vegetarian and vegan menus that are as delicious as they are nutritious. Every dish carefully crafted with the freshest, locally sourced ingredients to produce a harmony of flavours, textures and nutrition for you to enjoy with every bite

All our retreats include two daily freshly-cooked plant-based meals, with a vegan or vegetarian option

For your maximum enjoyment, let us know your dietary preferences, veggie or vegan, and any foods you would prefer to avoid during your retreat. Hit the button to go to the Dietary Preferences Form

Special Diets

As well as catering for vegetarians and vegans, our retreats can also accommodate some dietary exclusions 

To help us plan our menus please let us know your dietary preferences in advance. If we don’t hear from you we’ll assume you’re happy to eat really delicious veggie food with no special restrictions

If you’ve requested to exclude specific foods please await our confirmation before settling your deposit – don’t worry, we’ll reserve your place in the meantime!

Your Dietary Preferences


Serious Allergies

We are sorry that at this time we are not able to responsibly guarantee non-contamination with traces nuts, gluten or other allergens in our dishes, making our retreats potentially unsuitable for you if you have a serious food allergy

We don’t want to exclude you out of hand. So if you have a full-on food allergy drop us a line or call us for a chat

At Spanish yoga retreat we’ve been welcoming guests from all walks of life for two decades.  With their own unique story and personal motive for visiting us, see how our guests have expressed their experience of their yoga and veggie & vegan retreats 

Looking for ideas and inspiration for cooking up some great vegetarian and vegan fare? Check out our plant-based food blog for tutorials, recipes and nutritional facts to make your veggie meals exciting and nutritious

With frequent new posts and updates and lots of tips and tricks for varying ingredients, you'll never never run short of inspiration for creating delicious and nutritious dishes bearing your own personal stamp

Whether you're a full-time vegetarian or vegan or just wanting to incorporate some plant-based dishes into your existing repertoire, you'll find our blog a good resource for all things vegetarian and vegan

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